Rullebo identity

Oh my goodness, I've just been super busy for the last weeks. Just waking up, getting the kids ready and dropping them off, driving home, opening the computer (such an unnecessary time consuming step to actually turn it on and off), work work work like a maniac, picking the kids up, cooking dinner (while still working if possible), eating in front of the computer, putting the kids to bed, work work work, collapse in bed. Repeat.

Sigh. Must catch my breath.

Anywho... It's all good, since the projects I've been working on are all super fun! They all made me think "now, THIS is what I should be doing!". Me loves identity projects. Especially if the client is awesome and gives me relatively free hands and actually trusts my judgement. Yay for awesome clients!

Here's some pics of the first identity project (out of three that I've been working on simultanously) – Rullebo, awesome tiny houses on wheels!

The copy is in Swedish and translates to something like: House. Haven. 

I really like the hand made feel of the letters. These tiny wooden houses are really well made out of quality materials and it felt nice to channel that. With some imagination you could picture the little "u" and "o" as the wheels, and there's a roof on top of course. This solution only came to me after hours and hours of sketching little pictogram houses to use as a symbol above the name. Sometimes you're just not seeing the obvious.

To complement the basic black/white/wood I added a birch bark texture and a brown recycled paper texture to use throughout the identity, where applicable. Below are some brochure sketches (using sketch photos found online just for look and feel, as we're about to shoot our own).

Also, I put up a temporary website that I designed in Squarespace. It will hopefully be replaced by an awesome big site with great photos soon... Stay tuned for that at