Wallpaper decisions

We moved into our house two years ago, from a small two bedroom apartment in the city. It’s one of those modern, white, boxy sugar cube houses and since it was newly built when we bought it, it was like a blank canvas inside with crispy white walls and wooden floors (oak?) in every room. Needless to say the furniture we owned looked a bit misplaced in this big empty space, but two years later we still haven’t bought a new, big sofa (do you realise how freakin expensive huge sofas are?) and we still have the same kitchen table that we built by ourselves.

But the most overlooked room in the house must be my daughter’s. She basically has a bed and some storage boxes for her toys stacked on the floor. And there’s a guest bed (with a boring, white bed spread) in there as well. No carpet, nothing.

Because she likes to play downstairs where the rest of the family is, or sometimes in her brother’s room when he’s up to it, we haven’t gotten around to decorating her room. But as she’s getting bigger (turning four in February!) she’s started hanging around in there, rummaging around in her toy boxes, and it feels like it’s definitely time to start making her space cozier and more play friendly!

I thought I’d start with the boring white walls, and I’m torn between paint and wallpaper. But once I started researching what’s out there I was amazed at all the wallpaper options. Being Swedish my mind instantly turns to Ferm Living when it comes to kids wallpaper. I almost bought their minty green cloud wallpaper, but I’m kind of tired of it already since it’s featured in every single interior decoration magazine, blog and Instagram account out there… Another less exposed Ferm Living wallpaper is the confetti range, which I love (little sparkling pieces of gold confetti!), but I’m unsure of the colors, they seem a bit too dark.

Ferm Living  Clouds wallpaper

Ferm Living Clouds wallpaper

Ferm Living  Confetti Wallpaper

Ferm Living Confetti Wallpaper

I’ve always been fascinated by waves and especially painted Japanese wave patterns. So i browsed around Pinterest and actually found really beautiful wallpaper ones! They’re amazing - but will it be a bit too much and feel messy for the eye? Maybe not!

Cole & Sons also have the beautiful Melville wallpaper, with gorgeous waves and wales. I saw them live in a store and they’re shimmering beautifully. Beige might feel too boring, but green..?

Finally, I stumbled upon this AWESOME Canadian company called Anewall. They make the most beautiful wallpapers and murals. How about this cactus wallpaper?!

This watercolor mural is also amazing.

I initially jumped for joy thinking this was it! I would be able to find the PERFECT wallpaper here. But then I discovered that they don’t ship wallpapers to Europe… (plus they’re a bit pricey, and even if they did ship here it would probably cost too much, with the shipping cost and the damn customs). But now I can’t stop thinking about this cactus wallpaper. Is it hard to make your own wallpaper…? :)