food photography <3

I love freelancing, but I do miss certain things that I was able to do more of while being an Art Director at a medium sized advertising agency here in Stockholm. Several of our clients were food related companies like Arla, Sweden's number one dairy company, and I loved planning and directing photo shoots and collaborating with some of the best food photographers (and, added bonus: there was often leftover props to munch on!).

Below is a photo from an Arla photo shoot, snapped by the awesome Bengt O Pettersson. While it took us ages to get the milk coloured in the exact nuances I was after, I love the final foggy pastels together with the crisp, clear glass bottles.


And below another image from the same photo shoot. When our production manager Lisa returned from a meeting, ecstatic about the awesome cookies we would be shooting I thought yeah well, how great can a cookie be? Well, other cookies don't even deserve to be placed in the same category as theese INSANELY delicious american giant cookies, signed Gustav Mabrouk. I still dream about these babies. Did I mention that you get to munch on the props afterwards..? :)