Golden shoe procrastination

I'm working on a new branding project and just entered the second stage of the creative process, which is the "oh my god, I don't have any ideas, my head is blank" stage (preceded by the "woohoo, such a fun new project, let's do this!" stage, and followed by the "I am a fraud, I have to quit designing" stage) so naturally I spent the first hour (or two...) of the day googling for gold shoes. 

I have to to find the perfect pair of gold shoes. Can't stop thinking about it. So far, I've found a few candidates, but I'm not convinced any of them are THE ones. Also, not sure if I want laced shoe-shoes or sneakers (obviously I want both, but since I can't really afford one pair at this stage, until I finish this branding project at least, two pairs would really be a stretch).