Illustration and design for Hyresgästföreningen

It's always fun to be given relatively free hands on a project and for someone like me who loves to do it all (graphic design, art direction, illustration!), it was lovely to work with Hyresgästföreningen and Arenagruppen to make educational material for high school students in Sweden.

I wanted to make something that I would have been excited to pick up as an 8th-grader myself, as I remember that I always cringed at the sight of most of our books and educational materials in school because they were so badly designed (I guess/hope that it's a lot better nowadays, but still). The material is about housing today and historically, so I thought it would be nice to draw an inviting pastelly house pattern for the cover.


The pattern was then used again in a different color setting on the introductory pages, and complemented with colorful vector graphics throughout the material.

I was thrilled to hear that shortly after it was made available online for teachers across the country to order, it made it straight to the top of the list of the most ordered educational materials. It makes me so happy to know that students all over the country are learning from something I designed, hopefully not cringeing over the bad design ;)

Doodling therapy

Yesterday was kind of a crappy day. Sometimes it's not easy being your own. Especially when being a people pleaser at the same time, turning yourself inside out to be as helpful and accommodating as possible, and getting nothing in return. It's amazing how quickly people get used to you going out of your way to cater to their needs and deliver more than they actually pay for, and just start expecting it.

Anyhow, waking up this morning I thought this would be such a wasted day, since I knew it would be hard to get anything work related done. Then I just decided to take the day off and not even try to do any client work. Instead I made some coffee, heated up some saffron buns (don't tell my kids that I already finished nearly half of the buns we made for December...), lit loads of candles and got my pens and sketch books out.

Three hours of sketching, doodling and hand lettering later and I feel like a new person. The creative juices are flowing again and I actually feel excited to work on some other creative projects of my own. Doodling therapy is the shit!

I'm writing this to make myself remember this next time I fall into a slump like that. Putting a pen to paper and let it draw whatever comes up will definitely reset your brain into being creative again.