Best 2017 wall calendars

Hello 2017! You are very welcome. 2016 was a pretty crappy year – not for me personally (or businesswise – it's been my first year as a freelancer and it was fab!) but for the world. Lets put our hope and faith in 2017 instead.

A new year means a fresh start, and I'm loving it. It also means that it's time to invest in a new wall calendar! I've been faithful to Kikki K and their previously awesome family calendars for years, but this year the design just wasn't for me. So I had to look elsewhere. And boy, was that hard. How come there are so few fabulous wall calendars out there? Isn't it just the most practical thing in the world, to have everything written down, hanging on the kitchen wall for everyone in the family to see every day? I especially love those family calendars, where every family member is assigned a column of their own. Some days there are just too many preschool outings, soccer practices and drinks with friends (hehe – I wish!) occuring at the same time to be able to fit it all into one tiny square.

Naturally, I first turned to Etsy. But nicely designed family calendars where scarce. Instead I found this beauty – not a lot of space for each day, but very satisfying having the whole year displayed like that. It's from Snug Studio, ships from Germany (yay! no custom fees for me) and costs about $23.


Doodlelove also has a nice one, but no family calendar. So I turned to the Swedish ones and found this pretty nice one by Kuviokioski at Nordic Design Collective. Which I was about to get, when I stumbled upon this:

How awesome is this?! I LOVE it! Beautifully designed in Germany by Annywho. But then... I put it in my basket and went to the checkout. And the shipping cost proved to be a whopping €15 for a €25 calendar. So I'm still hesitant. But it's a beauty, for sure...

Wes Anderson <3

Being an Art Director this is not exactly dropping a bombshell – but I love Wes Anderson. Love, love, love. I clearly remember the first time I watched an Anderson movie (The Life Aquatic) and my jaw just dropped. Earlier I had been very fascinated with Baz Luhrmann's theatrical films and their beautiful scenography, but this was something else. Everything just felt... well, perfect. And not perfect in a boring, tidy way - but perfect in an aesthetically pleasing way, totally different from any other films I had ever seen. I was just totally amazed at how perfect everything worked together, from the colours to the props (down to the tiniest details) to the storyline and the dialogue.

At the time I wasn't even a designer by trade. In my heart, yes, but professionally I had just landed my first real job in marketing (which lasted for 1.5 horrible years before I realised I was meant to do something else). In retrospect, one might say that his films made me realise that I just HAD to get into a creative field. 

Now, luckily my husband also really likes Wes (would we even be married otherwise? Hmm...) but I think I might just have filled my quota of Wes Anderson themed posters. Too bad there are just so many beautiful ones out there! Here are a few that I wouldn't mind hanging on our walls...

Moonrise Kingdom painting by  Roland the Illustrator  on Society6

Moonrise Kingdom painting by Roland the Illustrator on Society6

The Life Aquatic poster by  Heather Buchanan  on Society6

The Life Aquatic poster by Heather Buchanan on Society6

The Grand Budapest Hotel painting by  SanMartinArtsCrafts &nbsp;at Etsy

The Grand Budapest Hotel painting by SanMartinArtsCrafts at Etsy

Golden shoe procrastination

I'm working on a new branding project and just entered the second stage of the creative process, which is the "oh my god, I don't have any ideas, my head is blank" stage (preceded by the "woohoo, such a fun new project, let's do this!" stage, and followed by the "I am a fraud, I have to quit designing" stage) so naturally I spent the first hour (or two...) of the day googling for gold shoes. 

I have to to find the perfect pair of gold shoes. Can't stop thinking about it. So far, I've found a few candidates, but I'm not convinced any of them are THE ones. Also, not sure if I want laced shoe-shoes or sneakers (obviously I want both, but since I can't really afford one pair at this stage, until I finish this branding project at least, two pairs would really be a stretch).