Seventy-five year plan

So... LONG time no see! I've been such a bad Instagrammer and blogger, due to loads and loads of client work. Great for my little business, not so good for my own creative little projects.

But, August provided some breathing room and I finally got around to updating my webshop! Let me present Seventy-five year plan!


Dear Suzy is history (long story short, a big company opened up and decided to call themselves Dear Sam... which felt a bit... well, too similar to say the least. And I didn't have the time or energy to get into some kind of brand infringement dispute, so I took a deep breath and decided to rebrand). But all that said, I'm now completely in love with my new brand and name! 

No easy peasy short and uncomplicated names here! ;)
My guess is that most people (who aren't Wes Anderson-nerds like myself) won't have a clue what Seventy-five year plan stands for, and that's just the way I like it. 

Also, I really like the obsessiveness associated with the name. Who in their right mind makes a seventy-five year plan? Well not me, that's for sure (I can't even make a one month plan and stick to it, let alone a plan for "where I want to be professionally in five years time" or something like that). But I do love lists. Daily to-do-lists, weekly to-do-lists, dinner planner lists, shopping lists... mmmm lists! Lovely.

Right now I have a small collection of posters and a couple of iPhone cases for sale. Another new thing is that I scrapped Society6 and started working with Printful instead, which means great quality and also: fulfilment in both the US and Europe. That means no more customs fees or added postage fees as a nice surprise (I don't know how many times I've happily ordered something from the US, only to end up paying twice the amount in added fees when picking up the package!). How great is that?!

So go get a new phone case  and inject some botanical goodness into your increasingly darker autumn days – you deserve it! 

Wes Anderson <3

Being an Art Director this is not exactly dropping a bombshell – but I love Wes Anderson. Love, love, love. I clearly remember the first time I watched an Anderson movie (The Life Aquatic) and my jaw just dropped. Earlier I had been very fascinated with Baz Luhrmann's theatrical films and their beautiful scenography, but this was something else. Everything just felt... well, perfect. And not perfect in a boring, tidy way - but perfect in an aesthetically pleasing way, totally different from any other films I had ever seen. I was just totally amazed at how perfect everything worked together, from the colours to the props (down to the tiniest details) to the storyline and the dialogue.

At the time I wasn't even a designer by trade. In my heart, yes, but professionally I had just landed my first real job in marketing (which lasted for 1.5 horrible years before I realised I was meant to do something else). In retrospect, one might say that his films made me realise that I just HAD to get into a creative field. 

Now, luckily my husband also really likes Wes (would we even be married otherwise? Hmm...) but I think I might just have filled my quota of Wes Anderson themed posters. Too bad there are just so many beautiful ones out there! Here are a few that I wouldn't mind hanging on our walls...

Moonrise Kingdom painting by  Roland the Illustrator  on Society6

Moonrise Kingdom painting by Roland the Illustrator on Society6

The Life Aquatic poster by  Heather Buchanan  on Society6

The Life Aquatic poster by Heather Buchanan on Society6

The Grand Budapest Hotel painting by  SanMartinArtsCrafts &nbsp;at Etsy

The Grand Budapest Hotel painting by SanMartinArtsCrafts at Etsy